Frequently Asked Questions.

Norwich Camper Hire

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Our prices vary throughout the year; 4 berth from £75 to £125 per night; 6 berth from £90 to £160 per night.  For a quote go to our website's secure online booking system or phone Meg who will be happy to help on 07710 607107.

What are your daily hire charges?

Can I take my pet?

Yes 👍🏼 Please discuss with us. Bring protection for the uphostery and never leave in the vehicle unattended.

Can I leave my car?

Yes. You can leave one vehicle free of charge outside our premises.

Do you need a special licence to be able to drive the motorhome?

No. You need a normal car licence which enables you to drive a manual vehicle.

What does my motorhome come with?

A full tank of diesel, a full cylinder of gas plus one part full and a full tank of water, water hose. The kitchen has cutlery and crockery, 'fridge, oven, pots and pans, utensils and a kettle. There is a TV?DVD. Smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, fire blanket, cleaning kit with toilet chemical. If necessary a European travel kit (first aid kit, bulb and fuse pack, beam benders, warming triangle and breathalyser).  Sealed First Aid kit (charge of £10 if seal is broken).

What does the rental price include?

Fully comprehensive insurance for one named driver, 24 hour UK and European breakdown assistance, unlimited mileage.

What fuel does my campervan take and how many miles to the gallon?

The fuel is diesel and between 35-38 miles per gallon depending on how you drive.

Is there a cable for electric hook-up and should we get this?

Yes. When you plug in to a hook-up point you are able to get electricity just like you do at home.

Can I plug in my hair dryer/straightener?

Only when on electric hook-up.

What if there is no electric hook-up available?

The leisure battery works the 12 volt system i.e. the lighting, water pump and TV.

The 'fridge, water heater and heating all work on gas.

Are any of your vehicles automatics?

No, they are all manual transmission.

Does my motorhome come with an awning?

All motorhomes have a pull out awning.

What are the sleeping/bed arrangements?

Four berths have a rear lounge area that converts to a double bed and there is another double over the cabin.

Six berths have a rear lounge area that converts to a double bed, there is another double over the cab and there is a single/double in the dining area.

Yes, a minimum of 4 days/3 nights throughout the year. We reserve the right to increase the minimum hire period during certain music festival and sporting events, Christmas and some bank holidays. Phone 07710 607107 for details.

Is there a minimum hire period?

What do I need to bring when I collect the motorhome?

All drivers MUST be present on collection and must bring a full driving licence, and two forms of proof of your home address; this can be a bank statement, utility bill or credit card statement (each with your address on it). Bring also copies of these.  We cannot release the vehicle without these. You must have paid the Security Damage Deposit.

Will I be shown how to operate my motorhome?

Yes, please allow about an hour for handover. We would suggest that two heads are better than one as you will be given detailed instructions on how to operate the vehicle. By the end of the handover you should feel confident to go off and enjoy your holiday. Your vehicle has it's own manual on board and if necessary you can call John on 07710 607107.

How do I book?

Either through our website's secure online booking system or by phoning John on 07710 607107.

How many drivers can we have per vehicle?

You can have any number of named drivers. The cost of the main driver is included, extra drivers are charged at £25 each.

Can I drive with points on my licence?

We can accept drivers with two 3 point convictions (SP30, TS10, CU80). If you have more than this please contact us and we will refer to our insurers. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details on driver/licence requirements.

Are there age restrictions on drivers?

How do I book using the Camping and Carvanning Club?

Is there anyone who can't rent one of your campervans?

We are members of their Privilege Scheme which entitles you to up to 30% discount off campsite prices. Membership numbers (which are needed to book online) are not issued for the Privilege Scheme, therefore to book your campsite with discount book direct with C and C Club on 0247 647 5426 or phone the campsite. When you book tell them that you have a rental vehicle from Norwich Camper Hire and that we are members of the Privilege Scheme.

For more information visit

We cannot rent to persons involved wholly or partly in professional entertainment, to professional sports persons, jockeys or those connected with racing of any sort, undergraduates and/or students under 25 years of age; or persons who whilst driving have been involved more than one accident during the past three years; or foreign service personel other than persons born in the United Kingdom.

We can insure drivers between 21 and 75 who have held a licence for two years or more. If you are outside these parameters please give us a call so that we can communicate with our insurers.

Can I take my motorhome on a ferry?

Yes, the ferry company will usually ask for the registration number and the length of the vehicle.

What are the vehicle dimensions?

Four berths: Ht 2.6 meters, W 2.2 meters, L 6 meters.    Six berths: Ht 3.3 meters, W 2 meters, L 7 meters.

Do I need to pay a Damage Deposit?

Yes. It is between £750 and £1000. This is returned to you if there is no loss or damage to the vehicle. If there is loss or damage the value of this is deducted from your deposit.

Risk assessment implementation

Norwich Camper Hire

I Laundry Cottages, Garrick Green, Old Catton, Norwich, NR6 7AW.

Procedure on COVID-19 sickness

If someone with suspected Covid has inhabited a vehicle the advice on cleaning in non- health care settings will be followed.  As manager I would self-isolate for 2 weeks

Maintain the recommended social distancing, wherever possible

This business will maintain the distance recommended by the government between people by; customer are advised to enter vehicles alone or with their family members to examine the interior.

This business will manage transmission risk where people cannot be 2 metres apart by; Where people cannot maintain 2 meter distance face masks must be worn.  Customers are asked to face away when talking. Customers are asked not to attend if they have any symptoms of Covid.

As government advice changes it will be implemented.

Customers are informed by email and verbally advised that masks should be worn for handover.  No one with symptoms of Covid must attend the business premises. Customers must maintain the distance currently recommended by the government.

Customers are verbally reminded to keep to the recommended social distancing.

Completed 21st June 2020.

Cleaning processes

All vehicles have hand washing facilities.

After vehicles have been used all hard surfaces are wiped down with a solution containing bleach.  All soft surfaces are steam cleaned.

If someone with suspected Covid 19 has inhabited a vehicle the advice on cleaning in non- health care settings will be followed.

Is there a USB port in the cab to plug my phone in?

There is an adaptor that plugs into the cigarette lighter giving a USB socket.